The Roster

THE WITCH’S GUNSLINGER is an original concept I created in 2018, but I’ve since changed from a WIP novel to short stories, poetry, and flash fics. Here is the main cast of this concept.

Cassidy Williams

  • Former gang leader
  • Owns several establishments, as well as a ranch
  • Enjoys teaching herself new things, but wary of covens, cults, etc
  • Patient woman, not quick to anger
  • Weapon of choice, revolver or shotgun

Amelia Williams

  • Full blown coven witch
  • Stubborn as fuck
  • Doesn’t like fucking around with dangerous magic if she can help it
  • Been on more trials than the Salem witches because she can’t help helping people, even if it means fuckery for her
  • Five ‘sisters’ in her coven, hiding in the hills in an undisclosed location
  • Shotgun lover


  • Deaf cambion (half human, half demon)
  • Left for dead by mother in a desert
    • Was terrified of what her child would become
    • Religious motives – sex with a demon, etc
  • Raised by wildlife, highly intelligent
  • Communicates with hums and sign language
  • Eats a fair amount of meat (wolf packs); doesn’t discriminate between humans and animals
  • Prefers knives and makeshift weapons and/or hand-to-hand combat


  • Lone ranger/vampire
  • Generally travels alone
  • Feeds on the healthy, to not attract attention if an elder/sick victim dies
  • Enjoys hanging out in graveyards
  • Carries a revolved, named it Tessa after an old flame
  • Really just wants to settle down on a small farm and live a quiet life
    • Runic magic a gift from a shaman she did a favour for a few centuries ago. Fluctuates with her feeding (ie, if she feeds well, good magic output; if she’s starving, not so much, etc)


  • Chartruth (mistress of fire)
  • Post mistress of a ranching/gold mining town
  • Likes to tease the boys, then bat her eyelashes to get out of trouble
  • Has a tendency to light things on fire if provoked
  • No weapons of choice, can pretty much use whatever comes her way
  • Could pass off as a parlor dancer, but don’t tell her that


  • Alchemist
  • Amelia’s older sister, a coven witch
  • Experiments with different spells, likes testing the limits of magic
  • Keeps to herself, not the adventurous type – creature of habit
  • Follows general rules well (applies this to her experiments)
  • Weapon of choice, poison

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