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Based on the book THE DEMONOLOGIST, written by Andrew Pyper. A short dive into some of my all-time favourite things to read and write.



seeping into the niche she has hollowed wary of familiar faces, she treads the coal-laden path ironbark in one hand, fate in the other casting aside the notion of pride and replacing it with drive; there is no waiting for the sleepers

the maiden the mother the crone

the deepest waters run the stillest in their depths she learned their language at an early age    tossed through waves, bathed in tides the sun treated her kindly, tickled her skin freckles doting on her like a grandmothershe entrusted her being to the way of life    and when she spread her arms into the grass  they […]

pride and shorelines.

she sells seashells by the seashore   but I peddle pride from my front door.and when they come to try me,   as they always do,they’ll find only magic   and her demon breaking through. Author’s note. This is one of my all-time favourite pieces that I’ve ever written.Originally penned Jan. 3, 2019.


“I testify, your honourthat this here woman is aconsort of the devil!” the courtroom was linedwith the witch supremacistsready to call heresy onjulianna, the post mistress – a man’s pride lay guardedby wounded others, who knewall to well the sting of anego bruised by ‘just a woman’; “your honour, he told mehis wife wouldn’t have […]


Do not fall in love with a writer.

Do not fall in love with a writer.    They can paint with colors that you have never heard of before, and create new worlds with one strong emotion. They have a heart that outstrips any fuel source, and is full of butterflies and frustration. They come alive in the early hours of morning, when […]

I Always Kill The Things I Love

The cigarette between my lips illuminated the cloche hat that hid my long blonde hair. I turned my jacket up against the wind, the weather threatening rain once more. I pulling out a pocket watch. He was late, again. Not for the first time, I wondered if he was worth keeping around, after all the […]

The Best Laid Wishes.

Strawberry blonde braids sailed in the air as a young girl twisted and twirled down the cobblestone road. A woven basket filled with roses was slung over her arm, complimenting the sky-blue dress she wore, ruffling and flaring with every prancing step she took. She whistled a tune few would recognize as she made her […]

seren : into the woods.

The wildest forests could not fathom the trails she walked. Wherever she stepped, frost and life emerged, and the stags of the woods, those flighty kings, would bow their respect to her. She was, after all, their caretaker. When she danced through the treetops, bow in hand, she would imagine the spirals of ice that […]