The Sea Witch’s Diary II

SVETOVID, GOD OF WAR, FERTILITY, & ABUNDANCE The lore of Svetovid doesn’t seem very extensive from what I’ve come across. He’s thought to be a pan-Slavic version of Perun, and has a great many names that he goes by: Swiatowit, Beli Vid, Zvantevith, to name a few. He is often described and portrayed as havingContinue reading “The Sea Witch’s Diary II”

The Sea Witch’s Diary I

I’ve had this sitting in my drafts for a couple weeks now because I’m really bad at starting something. But when I get going, I just go on and on, so hopefully a janky beginning will be the start of something good! I am a practicing witch, and have been since I was in middleContinue reading “The Sea Witch’s Diary I”

the maiden the mother the crone

the deepest waters run the stillest in their depths she learned their language at an early age    tossed through waves, bathed in tides the sun treated her kindly, tickled her skin freckles doting on her like a grandmothershe entrusted her being to the way of life    and when she spread her arms into the grass  theyContinue reading “the maiden the mother the crone”