Tales of the Sea Witch & the Autumn King | Part 1

Part 1: A Drop in the Ocean The hamlet of Snakeshill lay tucked away in a small woodland near the shimmering shores of Lake Ghizlain. Fields, fish, and game sustained the folk who called this home, working hard during daylight hours, and toiling just as hard in the tavern when the evening rose. On oneContinue reading “Tales of the Sea Witch & the Autumn King | Part 1”

where does her gaze fall?

she finds peace inthe steady rhythm of his breathing, the way jeans slide onto his hips, how the coffee smells when it snows outside, the crackling of wood in the fire, the shape of his shadow across her face, and the expansive territory of love that she wears like a quilt around her shoulders, nakedContinue reading “where does her gaze fall?”