the shape of your hands

gripped around warmth and song, caressing sharp teethand kissing bloodied lips. no screaming, just silence set against the crashing waves on an unexplored shoreline, breaking and sliding back with contentment. reminders embodied in stainless steel and gemwork tossing and turning on the thought of filling your hands and emptying herself. a grasp that never slips,Continue reading “the shape of your hands”

choose your fighter (DnD Edition)

lowly drow, slinkaway before the flamebites; it’s been a dayand change since i cuta purse. if you don’t pursueash, keep your tuneas stashed as all corpsesbefore you that crossedmy teeth. tiefling, thick with nonsensedid the father not learn the son?demons these days, can’t make senseif they’re ignorance, or the blissfulcarry on your way, and praytheContinue reading “choose your fighter (DnD Edition)”