Nine Ways to Ground & Center

Cycles and circles invite us to return to the beginning, to the starting point, to our foundations, to the spring and font and source of what we know and do and perceive. Grounding and centering may receive attention in your individual practice or in a group, or a ritual or ceremony may touch on itContinue reading “Nine Ways to Ground & Center”

An Open Letter to My Anxiety

I have suffered with anxiety for most of my adult life,. It’s something I’ve learnt to live with and I know others who suffer from it feel that way too. People who suffer with mental illnesses can seem fine and dandy on the outside but only they know what’s going on, in the inside. IContinue reading “An Open Letter to My Anxiety”

The Terrible Night Before Christmas

A Christmas tale from 2014! I thought it might produce a chuckle and a Ho Ho Ho. The Terrible Night before Christmas The whole escapade started with the black cat. Santa leaned forward in his rickety office chair, puffing on his stumpy pipe and wreathing his head in smoke. He pecked with two chubby fingersContinue reading “The Terrible Night Before Christmas”

Hekate, Witch Queen and Goddess of Magick — Melody Wingfield

Hekate is an ancient goddess with pre-Greek roots traced to Anatolia and Thrace. Earliest accounts portray her as a bewitching young woman. Fierce and powerful, she was sovereign over land and sea and sky. The poets made her the daughter of the Titans Perses, Titan of Destruction by Fire, and Asteria, Goddess of the… Hekate, WitchContinue reading “Hekate, Witch Queen and Goddess of Magick — Melody Wingfield”