A List of Little-Known Superpowers

Originally posted on The Artful Author:
Superpowers are cool.  And overused.  I scoured the inter web for this list of little-known superpowers that will always be cool.  (You’re welcome.) So, you all probably know that a post of a similar name was already written: A List of the Lesser Known Superpowers.  However, that post has…

The Autumn King.

Autumn King, with the Fae in your eyes, let your spirit bind my heart within the forests of crimson leaves and heady words that spill from your lips to my ears. Let the way you roll your wrists over my hips be the dance that I follow with every beat of your drums. The night … Continue reading The Autumn King.

The world is a paragon

the story always ends at the carfax,   lost in translation, somewhere in the barathrum of the world like dragon tongues, blundering in the darknesswaiting for purity to light them aflame once more;             diaglyphs lay scattered on my chamber floor,           scented with the oils of lilies and mountain … Continue reading The world is a paragon

I am a gallery

I am a gallery, long floored and wide brimmed      no footsteps from tourists have padded these halls,       signs suggesting an escape from my reality are nonexistent.these white-washed walls stand at attentionfor my eyes only; examining the lives I livedmany moons before.                   The doors … Continue reading I am a gallery


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