p r o s e

december of the heart.

locked in a dance of icy lakes and cedar rings, she is struck by the most princely of men, nay gods. and in that pocket of time, there is where the sudden connection binds and holds tight.

took her home.

elderberries and wood chips, cabin of oak hide away the passage from reality to our reality –long has the dip into the snow been coming, hot springs at the end of an extended journey, and she is just waiting to find you in the living room while she’s wrapped up in a soft black towel,Continue reading “took her home.”

she learned everything today.

she is a river of currents, twisting over sharp rocks and mossy beds, lush; the heartbeat of the mountain risen within her mouth and filling her throat with sunlight. tumbling over white-washed canyon walls, kissing the cedar trees that trail their branches over her. she is a well of stars, spreading far and wide forContinue reading “she learned everything today.”

The Autumn King.

Autumn King, with the Fae in your eyes, let your spirit bind my heart within the forests of crimson leaves and heady words that spill from your lips to my ears. Let the way you roll your wrists over my hips be the dance that I follow with every beat of your drums. The nightContinue reading “The Autumn King.”

dawn to dust

There was a stretch of land, filled with the harvest of Mother Nature‚Äôs bountiful corn. They shook in the breeze like a child with a tambourine, and the sound whistled over the tops of the stalks like a hot air balloon. The sun was the most brilliant azure on a late afternoon, so beautiful itContinue reading “dawn to dust”


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