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seren : into the woods.

The wildest forests could not fathom the trails she walked. Wherever she stepped, frost and life emerged, and the stags of the woods, those flighty kings, would bow their respect to her. She was, after all, their caretaker. When she danced through the treetops, bow in hand, she would imagine the spirals of ice thatContinue reading “seren : into the woods.”

The Best Laid Wishes.

Strawberry blonde braids sailed in the air as a young girl twisted and twirled down the cobblestone road. A woven basket filled with roses was slung over her arm, complimenting the sky-blue dress she wore, ruffling and flaring with every prancing step she took. She whistled a tune few would recognize as she made herContinue reading “The Best Laid Wishes.”

Never Fade Away, Part 2

The phone rang so many times, Johnny wondered if he’d called the wrong number. Finally, an answering click sounded off. “V? That you?” “It’s Johnny,” he replied, V’s voice soft. “You busy? Got a real favour to ask, Rogue.” A sigh on the other side of the line made Johnny smile to himself. “Of courseContinue reading “Never Fade Away, Part 2”

Never Fade Away, Part 1

This is a fanfiction I’ve been writing loosely, and is based on Cyberpunk 2077. This small series contains spoilers for the game Cyberpunk 2077, as well as some violence. V. Living legend of Night City, Heywood born and bred, a street kid to a fault, and the best damn merc the Afterlife has seen. She’sContinue reading “Never Fade Away, Part 1”


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