Magitober: Inktober With Writing

INKTOBER’s premise is to use only ink for drawings in the month of October. MAGITOBER was a theme my friend gliitchlord came up with in 2018 for us to do, a writer’s version of INKTOBER.

2018’s MAGITOBER stars Ysolde and a raven-haired girl, but it’s a slightly suburban take on Hades and Persephone, now that I’m reading it over. I love Greek myth.


ii. a wine tasting

  it is a strange mercy, she thought,         to wander the streets that st. vincent walked            only the devil wore prada, that’s what they said   she mused over borrowing them for the evening          the docks never stood still,    though tonight they wereContinue reading “ii. a wine tasting”

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