p o e t r y

smashing atoms

tilted axis hanging on by a thread while countless eyes reach for the skies, grasping for a saviour; can you be a saviour? hidden in plain sight, she waits eagerly born ready, war so heady; burning horizons trying to stop the spread, the weight of the galaxy heavy – three choices await above for her […]


gossamer silence hangs in the air humid, hoping for the right angle a single shot pierces the veil and now we are known.

be angry, for that is what moves.

be desperate for your home —how can you watch, resting on your laurelsonly giving what makes others feel betterabout themselves this is a war on war;while the ground is buried and peopleare on fire,swathes of humanity all want to actbut when will it be timeto take action insteadof giving thoughts and prayers? a hole in […]

the checklist.

describe for me the instance in whichyou knew you were human: the day you learned what hatedoes to a man, what love doesin return. the day you learned that lifeis not equal, that warriors couldturn the tides. the day you bled, shed tearshot and quick, the bandages thatdidn’t quite work. the day you walked out […]

the folly

sumptuous feasts offered on tables of elmwhilst maple waves extract themselvesfrom window panes,tis the season of magicks deep. from the frosted edges huntsthe seven devils from paradisecrooning symphonies concoctedfor her ears only. inured against their trappings,instead she plays them a songborne upon the bloodied stringsof dawn and dusk and the lastof her resources. she is […]

a fight to the man

angelic faces under cuts and abrasionsdipping low to scour the seas,naval strength that forges the wavesinto anvils of cold calculations taken away from the teat of sanityengorged on fantasies left to festerfrom whence we camestruggles the barbs of hatred the cynosure is waiting,man’s time spins on less than a dimedoes so little matterthat our raconteurs […]


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