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Lessons in Pompeii.

Originally posted on The Library of Lord Hades:
I wandered the empty streets of Pompeii, their silence deafening in my ears. Volcanic ash brushes the tips of my ears, the rise of my cheeks. I let it dirty me. This was, after all, the consequences of my actions. My sandals were silent in the charred…

afternoon delight.

she’s just singing a tune, looking at the moonwaiting, waiting, waiting for herafternoon and if she’d known the day before you sweep her right up off the floor well she’dve sung yet another tune

wands up

  your face had many names,               each one a ring in the tree of your life;                 a paragon in the arts, a kind voice in the wind                                 youContinue reading “wands up”

drifting off.

holding tightly to the earth, looking for the stability of the Alps and the depth of a volcano. she’s made of quicksand, catch her if you canonly the earth can hold the water firm.


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