p o e t r y


flights and families, fear mongering and final drops; smacks of history, but we’re making it right now one bloody footprint at a time. a globemaster that carries the hopes of a better tomorrow, we watch as it reaches, delivering the spark of life the epitome of a silver lining sorely needed in these black clouds.

her aesthetic

    she watched her sashay into the deep        dark waves lapping her calves like hungry cats          mentioned something about an aesthetic                     but that sounded like a kind of alcohol to me                 […]

conqueror’s demise

      the echoes of ancient warbling         jilting priests of faith                    abandoning the path for the pleasure               what would the matriarch say as she lay in eternal sleep         cloistered and deafened by […]

                 we’ve never needed a rope                      already anchored to the bottom, drop down                                 engine died, crept into the salt air       […]

the war on hard facts and liquid emotions

        shovel grief over top my eyes            waterboarding my heart so it feels nothing         grasp the straws of courage and try to understand                the circle of life is real                  […]

scrambling to recollect

    gnashing, gnawing, thrashing, clawing             am I the only one who remembers I am human?            screaming anxiety, pit of ulcers threatening                one a day is sometimes not enough,        jumping to panic should do no […]


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