The Sea Witch’s Diary II

SVETOVID, GOD OF WAR, FERTILITY, & ABUNDANCE The lore of Svetovid doesn’t seem very extensive from what I’ve come across. He’s thought to be a pan-Slavic version of Perun, and has a great many names that he goes by: Swiatowit, Beli Vid, Zvantevith, to name a few. He is often described and portrayed as havingContinue reading “The Sea Witch’s Diary II”

The Sea Witch’s Diary I

I’ve had this sitting in my drafts for a couple weeks now because I’m really bad at starting something. But when I get going, I just go on and on, so hopefully a janky beginning will be the start of something good! I am a practicing witch, and have been since I was in middleContinue reading “The Sea Witch’s Diary I”


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