Review #1: EMPRESS by SHAN SA

RATING: 10/10GENRE: Historical FictionPACING: A slow, steady build.CONTENT WARNINGS: Murder, poisonings, sex, incest, abuse.GOODREADS LINKAMAZON LINK I have to start this review by saying that this is my favourite book, hands down, ever. Shan opens this beautifully done novel with the intimate birth of Empress Wu Zetian, before she became a legend. It follows WuContinue reading “Review #1: EMPRESS by SHAN SA”

The Meat of the Matter: Creating Characters.

Creating characters is my absolute favourite part of the writing process. I thrive on the sheer number of paths you can take to create just one character with their personalities, traits, quirks, wants and needs, back stories – the list is endless! But dreaming up one isn’t just about hair length, eye colours, if they are leftContinue reading “The Meat of the Matter: Creating Characters.”