The Meat of the Matter: Creating Characters.

Creating characters is my absolute favourite part of the writing process. I thrive on the sheer number of paths you can take to create just one character with their personalities, traits, quirks, wants and needs, back stories – the list is endless! But dreaming up one isn’t just about hair length, eye colours, if they are leftContinue reading “The Meat of the Matter: Creating Characters.”

The Little Things & Flowery Words.

One of my most favourite things to write are emotionally powerful scenes. They hit the reader square in the heart (or head), shed a tear or share a laugh, and perhaps allow them to make discoveries they hadn’t realized previously. But actually creating those moments is more than just a romantic kiss beneath a fullContinue reading “The Little Things & Flowery Words.”

How to Create a Villain People Love to Hate.

You’re in the trenches of your first draft, getting down all those plot points and character development scenes, and you think “This is great, I’m on a roll!” – until you hit that brick wall. You’ve constructed this astonishing world with courageous heroes, but what are they supposed to be up against? A dragon? AContinue reading “How to Create a Villain People Love to Hate.”