crowds of mongers werepeddling rage and theoriesas amelia was led up the stairs,the hangman waiting totake in her last. spurs tinkled faintlythe creak of a leather belt,sharp eyes peered out overthe faces of those thatwould eat her alive. “any last words” was thejeer from her jailer, butamelia spat at his feetand the crowds called forblood;Continue reading “tomfoolery.”

all in the family.

bones littered the earthen floorthe carcass of a wolf in thedepths of the darkness,where he preferred to be, but today he had company; you had summer in your hairand jet in your eyes,do you remember anything from whenyou were more alive? copper hair hung in low tendrilsshe knew he could hear her lipsbut no soundContinue reading “all in the family.”