as young as I was.

“etta, I can’t stay here, I just can’t” amelia shook her bag full of cursesas her sister watched with a glassy starethe days of hill-hiding couldn’t fulfill herneed to wander, to explore, to discover “he’ll find you out there, is that what you want?” she knew the answer as soon as she said itand sheContinue reading “as young as I was.”

still bet on you.

fifteen years, dirt and dustcrystals and summoning circlesa bar fight or nine, there is always a wager against useyes avoiding the truthroulette bets, the pot grows highera revolver or three, always there but we have the queen up our sleeve,gunslinger we still have the aces in our boot,witch what is high noon to the occult,whatContinue reading “still bet on you.”

hear no evil.

cacti grew where none wanted toshading a chicabiddy from her blazing sun;frozen nights in the desertwarded off by wolves and weredeer shy by the mornravenous by the night,stalking ewes and dewy-eyed damesrough and tumble outside city limits child of tumbleweeds and hawk teethhe buries his knowledgein the cavern he calls denas silent as the worldContinue reading “hear no evil.”

replenished ru(i)nes.

the sounds of cocked barrelsclicked like heels outside the doors,while a coin rolled over the knucklesof a rune-etched hand; “you’re above the bend, now!”heidi hummed a fiddler’s tuneover the sound of the male ego outside,black-eyed susan tapping a tuneagainst the rafters she sat in. “honey, you’re two throwsfrom the boot-yard,” she sang,and her eyes restedContinue reading “replenished ru(i)nes.”

who really lost?

if I had a heartit would never love youinstead, it would hog-tie youand run the pony express over the face that leftmy voice cold and gold;as expressionless asthe pity you gave me – you haunted mesavage rumbles underneathmy bed frame, andeven my shotgunonly made you flinch,left me with little choicebut to befriend the wolves – soContinue reading “who really lost?”