remember remember
                       the whispers of november –

                     but wait, this isn’t a revolution
                                it’s not even a rebellion
                           your white flag doesn’t drop anything but morale
                                           the one man army of nothing

              staggered steps and dried tongues,
                       cracked lips begging for Legion
                                          for we are many
                                  and the Unnamed is just many of our names

                         heavy heart and lightened shoulders
                  apostle of darkness and savior only of children
                                step into the parlour
                                            your guardian angel alive

                        a train ticket to home,
                                 small steps childishly dancing
Are you real?
                                              if you are, then I am

                                  and the screaming finally ceases

                          to conquer one’s demons,
                                     you must first accept that heaven and hell
                              are not constructs of the world
                                       but of mankind.      

Based on the book by Andrew Pyper called The Demonlogist (which I HIGHLY recommend).

the shield

   I do not fit the box we are given when we are growing up
              it has been beaten from the inside far too much
           the crumbling cardboard box doesn’t emulate the woman
    that has evolved from my skin.

                     and there’s something in the way my hand rests on your arm
            that makes you more aware of the white noise in your ears
                            and I have never been one to sit on the sidelines
                  heroes must rise to the top with their own two feet, 

       you shook yourself off, the dust settled around your boots
                 and you gave back that number you were holding
            started your own answers
                        began your own line

       I can’t feel anything from the vibrations
                but I don’t need anything but the honor and the glory
            we bleed promise, we exhale legendary
                               and if we cannot succeed triumphantly,

                  we will watch over you.

Some love for Overwatch character Brigette when she first came out.