Hello! My name’s Ashley, but you may better recognize me as Serendiipitii, or Seren. Please feel free to use either names!

I fell head-over-heels in love with reading and writing when I started first grade, leaning heavily into fiction, especially mythological tales, adventures, and magic. I was eleven when I penned my very first story about a fearless princess and her favourite horse who saved a prince from a tyrant king. 

​Since then, I’ve kept up a steady stream of prose and poetry throughout the years, using DeviantArt as my artistic home base. I enjoy writing fictitious stories, flash fiction, fanfics, and semi-narrative poetry, usually in some form of my favourite genres: fantasy, science fiction, occult, romance, and urban supernatural. I’ve not published a book yet (soon!), but I have had poetry published through the Young Writers of Canada, winning the Award of Excellence in 2018. 

​I was born and raised in beautiful British Columbia with my younger sister. I’m currently living in the Lower Mainland with my wonderful husband. My favourite past-times, when I’m not writing, are reading, video gaming, art streams, painting miniatures, creating origami greeting cards, and listening to music. I am also a soft practicing sea/white witch, and have been for about two years. 

My current projects are listed below. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me on Twitter!

Current Projects

‘Women of the Eternal’ – War Wine
Started August 2016. Ongoing: Book One in rewrite stages.

Started August 2018. Ongoing.

The Night’s Tales: Anthology
Started November 2019. Ongoing.

Untitled Poetry Book
Started January 2019. Ongoing.​